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2011 August Fic a Day Challenge

Once again it's almost that time.

The Rules:

1. Write one fic per day during August. Stories should be BtVS/Angel Crossovers of any rating with any fandom, minimum 300 words, maximum 3000 words.
2. Entries must be posted here in the TwistedShorts Comm to be counted.
3. Post more than one a day if you want, but only one fic per 24 hours counts toward the challenge. Backdating fics are not allowed for getting a fic to count within a 24 hour period.
4. There's no 'miss a day and you're out'. If you can't post one day that doesn't mean you're out of the running. Keep posting when you get a chance.
5. Winners will be decided by who has posted the most during the month. I.E. If Author A posts 28 fics on 28 days, Author B posts 31 fics on 31 days, and Author C posts 25 fics on 25 days, then Author B wins.**Please see the new challenge rules for further details.
6. Regular posting rules apply: proper header, fic behind cut, adult rated fic comm-locked, disclaimer, etc.
7. Have fun :)

Write 31 fics in 31 days. Nifty banners by FaithUnbreakable will be awarded to those that complete this task.

Weekly Roundup:
There will be a weekly roundup/announcement of standing each Sunday evening. However, the mods will be checking the submissions daily to make sure they fit the rules, are tagged correctly, etc. If you feel your daily submission is questionable (in regards to crossover-ness), please contact azraelz_angel or avamclean directly so we can address the issue before the day is up.

Tagging Policy:
Be kind and please tag your posts so that future visitors can easily find stories by the fandom they want to read, the author or the challenge year. This also greatly assists the mods when they are compiling status updates.

If you post and do not have either an author tag or the fandom tag you need, please select the appropriate tag seen below or comment here, one of the mods azraelz_angel, avamclean, or kaylashay will get you a tag.

Tag for New Authors: !tag needed: author
Tag for New Fandoms: !tag needed: fandom

Also, tag each post for the appropriate year challenge with:

!2011 august event

Happy fic writing everyone!!

Edit 7/17/11: There is also a sister site on AO3 - located here. You may post your stories there as well. However, please note that only entries posted to twistedshorts will count towards the challenge.
Tags: !2011 august event, !mod post, !tag needed: author, !tag needed: fandom
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