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Title:  Backup
Author: jeymien
Summary:  Part of the 2013 LiveJournal’s Twisted Shorts August Fic-A-Day series, Annie Walker finds herself in a unfamiliar but familiar situation,
continuation of last year's Who Would've Guessed"
Crossover: Covert Affairs
Characters: Annie Walker, Auggie Anderson, Buffy Summers, Dawn Summers
Rating:  FR-7
Word Count: 697
Disclaimer: I claim no rights to this character, the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the series Covert Affairs

Annie kept her gun aimed at the man blocking her exit, unsure of how Meng Li was standing in front of her when she’d shot him just a few minutes ago.
There had been no pulse when she checked!   Yet somehow, here he was.    Annie eyed him carefully, evaluating him.   She could see the blood staining
his shirt from the bullets she’d fired into his chest.

He noted her gaze and smirked at her.  “You’ve ruined one of my favorite shirts, little agent.”  His face shifted, growing ridges on his forehead and his
eyes turning yellow.  “Not to mention, that stung a bit.  I’ll just have to have a snack to help me heal up.”

Annie blinked and tried to keep her composure at his comments.  Also… were those fangs in his mouth?  What had DPD sent her into?  Her hands shook
a little holding her gun and she tried to stay calm.  She had the intel they needed; she just had to survive this.   She’d been in dangerous situations before,
she thought to herself.  Maybe none exactly like that, but she made a habit of surviving.

The man –vampire, Annie wondered – took a step towards her.  “Little agent, I can smell your fear.  I’ll give you a head start if you want.   It won’t help, but
go ahead... run.  To the count of ten, dear?”

Annie backed away and around the corner, listening as the vampire shouted the numbers out and promptly took off as fast as she could run once she was
around the corner of the hallway.

“Auggie?”  She called out over her comm. “You’re not going to believe this, but I think… I think Meng Li is a vampire.”

“A what?” She heard Auggie’s flustered voice in her ear bud.

“Fangs, bullets to the chest didn’t kill him, just insinuated I’d be a good snack... I’m going to definitely go with vampire.” Annie continued to run, occasionally
checking down hallways and through doors.

“I’ll check with Joan, just keep away from him for as long as you can Annie.  And if you can… try to find a cross or some other holy symbol.”  Annie continued
her flight, amazed that Auggie believed her.  But of course Auggie believed her, why wouldn’t he?  Though in retrospect, he didn’t seem that surprised… huh,
there’s something to investigate.  Investigate later when she wasn’t being chased by what should be a fictitious being out for her blood.  She started checking
for unlocked doors and searching offices for religious symbols.

Eventually, she found an office that had a cross design on the wall and she took it down to take with her.   “Auggie, I found a cross, what now, what can you tell me.”

“Annie, find some place to hide that’s defensive, or if possible, try to get out of the building.  We’ve got a specialist consulting with us.”

So Annie started to make her way to the roof, as a voice in her ear bud introduced itself as Agent Dawn Summers and began to walk her through how to survive
a situation with a vampire.   By the time she reached the roof, she had the cross, several number 2 pencils picked up from offices and a broken table leg that
just may help her if it really came down to a fight.   Dawn assured her that there was help on the way and she shouldn’t have to use it.

The roof was where she was when Meng Li finally caught up with her.

“It’s too bad that it’s night time, not daytime,” Dawn lamented through the ear bud, “Just try to stay as far away from him as possible.  Your backup is almost there.”

Not much longer later, as Meng stalked Annie around the roof top, another petite blonde only a few years older than Annie climbed off the fire escape onto the
roof.  After a brief hand to hand fight that the blonde made look easy, her stake sunk into Meng’s heart causing him to turn to dust.

“Agent Walker? “ The blonde turned towards Annie. “The CIA asked me to help you out.  Let’s get you out of here before his boss shows up, all right?”


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Aug. 1st, 2013 11:29 pm (UTC)
Day One - Accepted!

You might want to adjust your spacing so that there are breaks between each paragraph. It's a little hard to read without the breaks.

Though I did really like this and I kinda adore the fact that Auggie took the intel and ran with it. He's a smart cookie and Dawn really would make a fantastic CIA agent. :)
Aug. 2nd, 2013 02:16 pm (UTC)
Oh oops, I hate it when cut and paste does that from word and I didn't notice. Will add breaks, thanks!
Aug. 2nd, 2013 03:46 pm (UTC)
I've noticed if you do the cut and past from the HTML side it holds the breaks better. You have to use HTML tags to create italics and such, but it does make posting easier in the long run I think.

Thank you for fixing it!
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