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Community Center Classes

Title: Community Center Classes
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR13
Crossover: BtVS and Avengers, Captain America
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Marvel characters.
Summary: Needing a hobby Dawn tries out classes at the community center
Warnings: none that I can think of. Post Avengers movie but don’t have to have seen the movie.
Timeline/Setting: post Avengers and post Buffy
Author's notes(if any): not that I can think of

After moving out of SHEILD and into an apartment into his old neighborhood Steve went exploring and found a community center that was struggling. After stopping in a few times and finding hours had gone by as he had helped teach kids basketball, helping with homework, and repainting a classroom Steve had excitedly told Pepper Potts about the center and how much fun he was having even though the place was struggling. After a minor Avenger’s battle Steve had shown up at the center and almost tripped over various materials that were being used to repair and update the center from “this amazing random grant”. Folks in the community were offering to teach classes for their hobbies, interests, or any topic there was an interest for. Thursday night was a water color painting class followed by the drawing class. Pulling a sketch book and graphite pencils out of his satchel Steve looked around the classroom. Skipping over the regulars in class he spotted a girl nervously looking around as she stood in the door. He hadn’t seen her before and figured she was new to the class.

“Mind if I sit there? I’m Dawn.” Steve looked up hearing to the ladies voice next to him, slender and tall the girl gestured to the empty chair next to him with one hand. He noticed the tight grip she kept on her canvas bag. Looking from the chair to Steve her long straight brown hair slid over her shoulder.

“Nah, go ahead.” Steve said. “Is this your first class?”

“Sure is. I take it you’re a regular Mr.?”

“Oh Steve. I’m Steve. I come whenever I can. Have you been drawing long?” He asked frowning at a broken pencil that dropped out of his bag.

“This is my first class. Brand new paper and pencils.” Dawn said carefully flipping over the cover of her spiral bound notebook.

“Why do you want to draw?”

“I need a break from work. It’s long hours, high stress, and sudden rush critical high importance translations. It was suggested and after thinking about it I decided I needed to find a hobby that wasn’t related to work.” Dawn explained twisting her hair into a rope that she twisted into a spiral on the back of her head and slid a pen into.

“Why drawing?”

“It was the first class offered. I’m going to take the quilting class on Sunday.”

“Hopefully you’ll find a hobby before you run out of classes to try. It’s good to have a plan.” Steve quietly said as the retired college art teacher walked into the classroom.

Three Weeks Later
“I love the quilts. Amazing and so pretty. One lady’s working on this beautiful hexagon blue green thing that she’s calling Blue Beehive.” Dawn said sitting next to Steve in the classroom.


“Quilting is not going to be my hobby. Quilts can be so beautiful with the little squares and triangles that get put into bigger shapes and pictures. And all the zillion of stitches. They’re pretty to look at and I’d love to have some but it’s just not for me.” Dawn said with a sigh and slouch down in her chair.

“Do you work tonight? Drawing class got cancelled and would you like to get some pie and coffee with me?” Steve asked not looking up from his drawing of a man in a cape holding a hammer.

“Are you asking me out Steve?” Dawn quietly asked.

Tracing the hammer Steve still didn’t look up. “Yes, but if you don’t want to go out with me I still want to spend time with you doll. You’re a friend.”

“Steve I’d love to and I’d want to call it a date too.”

“Good. That’s great. Oh, I need to make a stop on the way.” Steve said with his cheeks a faint pink as he looked at Dawn.

“Where do you need to stop?” Dawn asked, watching Steve gather his pencils.

“A friend of mine had a sweater that I always loved and Mrs. Stone who teaches one of the cooking classes helped me find a place so I could get one like it made for myself. I got a call earlier today saying it was ready to be picked up.”

“A good sweater is a great thing to have.” Dawn said as Steve stood up.

Slightly holding out his arm Steve smiled as Dawn hesitated then slid her arm into his and blushed.

A couple hours later Steve sat next to Mrs. Stone as they watched Dawn talk with one of the yarn store employees. As Steve was gently running his fingers over the striped sweater Dawn wandered around the shop looking at the variety of yarns. When he was trying it on she was inspecting the assorted scarf, gloves, hats, sweaters, and little stuffed animals. Dawn had fumbled through starting a knitting project and almost had what looked like a washcloth hanging off a needle and was discussing the shop class schedule.

“I think she found her hobby Mrs. Stone. She looks enchanted by the all the yarn you have here.” Steve said watching Dawn manipulate the yarn and needles.

“You really like her Steve. Captain America has a girlfriend.” Mrs. Stone whispered to him grinning as she worked on her own knitting.

“Shhh. Hush up. See if I walk you home when you get off work.” Steve said panicking.

“Oh she’s not paying any attention and you know you’ll be walking me home whenever you can. You’re a gentleman Steve.” Mrs. Stone said pointing at him with her empty knitting needle.


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Aug. 2nd, 2013 01:50 pm (UTC)
Day One - Accepted!

I like the idea of Steve helping to rebuild New York. Fits his character well.
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