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August 6, 1955

Title: August 6, 1955
Author: Manchester
Rating: FR15
Crossover: The Seven Year Itch
Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and The Seven Year Itch characters are the property of their original owners.
Summary: On a scorching night in New York City, Spike witnesses a classic movie moment.

Of all the wilting pedestrians listlessly making their way along both sides of Lexington Avenue tonight, only one person there wasn’t sweating. Nope, not a single drop, unlike everybody else in the vicinity which were nearly drowning in their perspiration. Even several hours after sunset, a heat wave broiling the entire New York City metropolis for the last few days was still keeping the local temperatures dangerously high. While they mopped their brows, gulped down icy drinks, and prayed for a break in the hot weather, a great many annoyed looks were sent by the other people there on the sidewalks towards a certain man strolling down the avenue, who effortlessly looked as cool as a cucumber.

Spike, on the other hand, was having his own problems. The overwhelming scents of a whole city baking in the middle of summer were driving the vampire to distraction. He was seriously considering leaving town just to get away from the smell of millions of sweaty humans all too discernible by his sensitive nose. Bitterly mulling over the occasional disadvantages of possessing an apex predator’s heightened senses, Spike glanced ahead, to where the restless crowd a half-dozen blocks beyond had produced an open space along this stretch of the concrete pavement.

Right now, there were only two people on the sidewalk at that spot, both easily discernible to Spike’s keen vision, and one of them had come to a halt while looking down--

In the very next second, Spike also stopped dead in his tracks to gape with wide-eyed astonishment at what he was watching. Standing motionless there among the other passers-by, the vampire was regarded with irritation by those forced to walk around the blond man ignoring them to fixedly stare at something so far away which the rest of the onlookers had no hope of noticing.

An unnerving expression of bloodthirsty lust suddenly appeared on Spike’s face. Without the slightest hesitation, he stepped off the sidewalk and into the street to begin crossing this roadway. All of his attention was totally focused at what was still going on ahead. Regrettably, this carelessness was also why the vampire making the instant decision to select as his next victim the specific person he’d just observed now ill-advisedly strode right in front of a speeding taxi.

Feeling numerous broken bones magically repair themselves while the agonizing pain in his head soon faded away, Spike opened his eyes to the sounds of a nearby blaring siren. He looked up at a car’s ceiling. Confusedly experiencing the familiar sensations of riding in a speeding automobile, the undead Englishman next got an unexpected friendly pat on his shoulder. Quickly glancing over at where some unknown bloke in a white uniform was seated next to him, Spike heard from this stranger shouting over the siren, “Don’t worry, fella, we’re almost at the hospital! You just rest, and we’ll take good care--”

Rising up in absolute fury from his stretcher which he’d been lying upon, Spike bellowed at the startled ambulance attendant, “Like hell I will! Stop this damn thing and let me off!”

Discreetly reaching for a hypodermic syringe loaded with enough sedatives to put down an elephant, the attendant soothingly responded, “Now, take it easy, mac. The accident you were in a couple minutes ago banged you up pretty good-- AHHHHHHH!!!

This scream was due to the medical assistant’s latest patient impossibly changing his features in a split second into a monstrous aspect consisting of ridged skin, glowing eyes, and fangs. Both the man’s scream and his life ended when Spike tore out with clawed hands this unfortunate individual’s throat.

Skidding to a stop by the exact point where he’d last seen her, Spike frantically looked around at his location. Unfortunately, he had no luck in his thorough search for someone who’d presumably departed while the vampire had been quite busy elsewhere after his recent traffic accident. He’d been forced to also kill the ambulance driver when the abrupt shriek of mortal terror from the back had caused that human to shortly stop their car in the middle of the street. Following this had been the tiresome necessity of wiping off all the blood splattered on the vampire from both corpses, and then running away from the crime scene. Next had been an equally infuriating delay in making his way back to Lexington Avenue solely on foot. To Spike’s growing dismay, it appeared as an upshot of all those hindrances, the most sensual woman he’d ever seen was now long gone from here--

*Wait a bloody second!*

Spike lifted his head to sniff at the air, while his mood brightened a bit at what he’d just realized. There was a very good possibility that the heavy mugginess blanketing the city and making everyone else around miserable from this sticky humidity had additionally preserved the scent of his quarry overlaying this area.

Which in turn meant that if Spike got a single whiff of her, he could track down that lady in white no matter where she’d set off. Afterwards, oh, yessssss... He’d take his time. Every forthcoming second of the wonderful atrocity would be truly treasured.

Savoring every evil thought of torture and rapine, Spike vigorously inhaled through his nose while striding back and forth across the sidewalk. He discounted the incredulous looks of the few people still around to see him at this, to instead continue his efforts with a single-minded intensity...only to unreservedly fail at this in equal measure.

Standing atop a sidewalk grating, Spike was in a complete loss. There wasn’t the slightest breeze around which might’ve blown away the scent, so why the devil couldn’t he smell her in the stagnant air?

While contemplating this, Spike ignored the approaching subterranean rumble, which signaled a New York underground train was taking its regular route beneath the city streets. It wasn’t until the steel grating started to tremble under Spike’s feet, along with yet another tangible consequence of that means of transportation running past on its rails below, did the vampire finally comprehended tonight’s entire debacle.

Uttering an immense groan of pure frustration at missing a dearly-yearned opportunity to slaughter the sexiest woman he’d ever chanced upon, Spike then glumly felt the powerful blast of air forced upwards through the subway grating pluck at his clothing.

Just like that same gust of wind from underneath had earlier blown high the dress skirt of Spike’s prey, displaying smooth, milky-white legs and skintight panties. Not to mention dispersing every trace of that blonde woman’s delightful aroma, down to the last molecule.

Author's Note: Yes, that was Marilyn Monroe as The Girl which Spike saw in her iconic scene with the white dress and the passing subway train.


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Aug. 6th, 2013 07:04 pm (UTC)
Day Seven - Accepted!

The requested fandom tag has been added and your post edited to reflect it.

I can see Spike wanting the chance to feed from Marilyn Monroe. I mean, who wouldn't?
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