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Aug 8th, Deciding On A New Plan

Title: Deciding On A New Plan
Author: selonianth
Rating: FR15
Crossover: Firefly
Disclaimer: Don’t own Firefly or BtVS. Both are owned by the indestructible Joss Whedon.
Summary: Buffy finds herself on the Serenity and tries to decide how to go from there.

Mal found Zoe waiting on the bridge. “Well?”
Mal raised an eyebrow at his second’s impatient question, “Well what?”
Zoe frowned, “Who is that? She took my fun in the bar.”
“No idea. She’s not a browncoat but she’s as much of an alliance supporter as you or me. Plus, did you see how she knocked out Lund with one punch? I’m not sure you could’ve done that with your muleleg.”
“That little bitty took out Lund with one punch? Are we sure she’s not crazier than River? That’d be about par for the course wouldn’t it?” Wash piped in and was ignored.
Zoe scowled, she knew Mal was right but it was annoying. Lund was known as a fairly tough bastard, one punch knocking him out? That was a powerful punch. “What do we do with her then sir?”
Mal smirked at Zoe’s scowl. She didn’t like admitting there were people she couldn’t take in a fight. “I’m thinking we try and recruit her. We get into enough trouble that another hand that’s good in a fight wouldn’t be unwanted. Not like she could bring more trouble this way than our little crazy could she?”
“No, she could not sir.” Zoe admitted with a shrug.
Mal addressed Wash for the first time since entering the cockpit. “Wash, head for Persephone. It’s where our new guest’s gear is and I’m thinkin’ we might’n be wantin to pick it up before we head for our next job.”
Wash did as he was told, setting the course into the ship’s computer. Zoe however gave the captain a funny look. “Who hired us that you want another hand that bad?”
Mal pulled the paper out of his coat and handed it to Wash. “Niska.”
Zoe winced, the man was a speculated psychopath. “Heard all sorts of not so good things about him sir.”
Mal nodded “That’s why I thought it might’n be handy to have another good hand with us when we go to meet with him.”
“For once you show you do in fact know what self-preservation instincts are for sir.”
“I know what they’re used for, I just don’t listen that often.” Mal refuted with a grin heading back to his bunk.
Buffy was sitting in her bunk, cleaning one of the two guns she possessed, she still prefered using hand to hand but she was cold and deadly with a gun when she had to be. The gun in her hand was an extremely customized pistol, extended ammo capacity, custom trigger job, silencer, the works. She might be a ghost as far as she let the Alliance think, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have an alias or two with connections and money.
There was a knock at her door and she slid the gun back into the holster at her thigh. “Come in.”
The door opened to reveal a tall black man. “Hello miss, we haven’t been introduced. My name is Shepard Book.”
“Didn’t think Mal was the type to believe in that kind of stuff,” Buffy replied standing to shake the shepard’s hand. “Come in, have a seat.” She beckoned waving her hand at one of the chairs that came in the cabin.
Book shook his head, confirming Mal in fact did not believe, “And what of you? Do you believe in god?”
Buffy gave the man a deadpan stare, “Shepherd. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. Plenty of them things that didn’t continue long after I saw them. You ask me if I believe in god? Let me ask you this, if you watched every friend you’ve ever had die before your very eyes, some murdered, some of disease and other natural causes, could you still believe? What if you saw people tortured, experimented on, killed because they were different than normal? Could you still believe then? Preacher, with a life like mine I can’t help but not just believe, I know they exist, and I absolutely hate them.”
That perked the shepherd’s attention, “Them?”
Buffy just smirked a sad smirk. “You believe that there is one higher being. God. I know there isn’t and you wouldn’t believe me why if I told you Shepherd.”
Why would he? He had no reason to believe that she was a five hundred year old neutrality demon chosen by the Powers the Be to slay demons. That she had looked into the face of true evil and watched it die. She’d lost her faith in the Power’s little plan when she’d found out what they’d expected her to do, alone. She may have won anyway but the reality was that the Powers had been willing to sacrifice two billion lives to keep the balance. That was unacceptable.
Book looked into her eyes and nodded, “I believe that I would not believe you if you attempted to tell me how you know there is more than one god. However, I originally came here to ask you if you’re hungry. There’s a sit down dinner in five minutes.”
Buffy nodded getting up off her bed to follow the Shepherd. “I’m Buffy by the way.”
She noticed his eyes flickering to her gun. She could feel him watching her move when she passed him and walked toward the Galley. The man may be a shepherd now, but he wasn’t always. Interesting.
The slayer filed the thought away in her mind and continued walking, letting her nose guide her to the food. Entering the galley she saw someone she didn’t expect to see, certainly not on a firefly vessel with a reputation like the Serenity. Inara Serra was cooking the food. When the companion turned and saw the slayer her eyes only showed a flicker of her surprise at seeing the blonde.
Giving a soft smile to Inara, Buffy sat down at the table and waited for the others to arrive. Didn’t take long, they seemed to all come in at once, Mal, Zoe and Jayne she knew. The blond man who entered was introduced as Wash. Then a bubbly little light brown haired woman was Kaylee and finally River and Simon Tam.

Mal eyed the blond as she was introduced to River and Simon and was happy to see hadn’t acted out of the usual when she met River and the little crazy seemed to like the blond so Mal let it go for the moment.
Buffy felt the brush on her mental shields opened them enough for surface thoughts to be visible to the reader. She knew River wasn’t able to control it so it didn’t bother her like it would have if the reader was doing it on purpose.
She was, however, startled when River looked into the distance behind Buffy’s head and started mumbling. Then she grabbed her head and starts worriedly mumbly quickly.
Simon notices his sister’s distress and grabs her arm. “River, what’s wrong?”
River looks straight into Buffy’s eyes frantically speaking, her words almost garbled together. Only years of willow-speak made them coherent, “The cobra promises to help the frogs, but the snake cannot help it’s nature. It will always bite the frogs and doom them both unless the honey badger kills the cobra before It can offer to help the frogs. The honey badger must kill the snake to help the frogs.”
“River calm down,” Simon says, his arms on River trying to get her to face him but River won’t be moved from looking right into Buffy’s eyes.
“What in the gorram hell is she even saying?” Mal demanded.
Book spoke up, looking at River with a curious look in his eye. “It’s an old story, a snake needs to cross a river and promises not to bite the frog if it will help the snake across the river. Halfway across it bites anyway, when the frog asks why did it do that, the snake replies that it’s a snake. Both animals die because the snake cannot control it’s nature... I’m not entirely sure about the reference to the honeybadger, however.”
“And why is she saying that?” Mal asks impatiently.
“I have no idea,” Simon confesses turning back to his sister. “River, please calm down.”
Buffy got the message. It was far easier to understand than some of Drusilla’s winding rants. ‘Message received little albatross.’
River calmed down once Buffy thought at her and smiled and got all happy again. Simon tried to usher her off to the medical bay to look at her and she just gave him the best example of a “You’re a boob” look Buffy had ever seen.
The rest of the meal went fairly uneventfully, Buffy thinking about what River’d said, namely who the snake was and why the hell was she a honeybadger? A glance at Inara, who she caught looking at her at the same time, reminded her that was another conversation she’d have to have. The companion had to know she was the same Buffy that had saved her being raped by two idiots who thought a companion in training would be happy to service them all eleven years ago.
When Dinner was done Buffy nodded to Inara and walked back to her cabin. The companion would join her when she was ready.


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Aug. 8th, 2013 03:53 pm (UTC)
Day Eight - Accepted!

You had to go and mention a honey badger? Now all I can think of is that damn pistachio commercial...
Aug. 8th, 2013 10:39 pm (UTC)
No pity from me.
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