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Buffy Meets Blossom?

Title: Buffy Meets Blossom
Author: JakeDaMan
Rating: M/FR15
Summary: Buffy meets Blossom? Maybe?
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. Me being deep in debt should be the first clue.

Stone-faced in unbridled rage Buffy watched the young woman scream her denial. Arms crossed, practically hugging herself, she observed the newly found Slayer through the one-way looking glass. Inside the padded cell the young woman, her brunette hair in wild disarray, screamed once more then fell to sobbing softly.

Buffy huffed, "Open the door, then lock it behind me."

The orderly accompanying her eyed her askance then shrugged. He unlocked said door while reflecting, "Get a job in the health-care profession, they said. It's an easy job, they said. Ha, I say!"

Stepping to the side he allowed the short blond woman to enter the padded cell as she ordered, "Do not open the door for anyone else and for God's Sake stay out no matter what!"

"Yes Ma'am."

Standing just in the room Buffy waited till the lock click closed. Slowly she approached the sobbing form careful of any sudden moves. Once within arms length she forced herself to relax and, sure enough, the young woman on the bed broke her bonds. Moving quickly, even for a Slayer, the previously restrained girl's hands snatched out towards Buffy.

Buffy sighed, letting the other woman's hands close over her wrists. she flowed forward as Buffy felt her jerk on her wrists. At the last second Buffy twisted her hands around the others wrists, breaking her grip. This allowed Buffy to push the crazed woman's arms to her chest.

The girl lashed out with a kick. A random, misdirected, poorly aimed kick. Buffy just grunted but backed away from the bed as the girl rolled to a crouch.

"I've always wanted to do this..." Buffy thought while moving quickly through a standing kata. Then extending her right arm she made a 'come hither' gesture. The girl's eyes widened. She shrieked and leaped roaring her pain at the world.


"I did say I was sorry already?"

"Yes," Buffy responded nursing the bump on her noggin, "yes you did. And I've accepted. So please stop Blossom."

"Sorry." she whispered looking down. Realizing what she said she looked up startled and babbling, "I, I mean... sorry for saying sorry! Not the other 'sorry'." Taking a deep breath, eyes wide she said, "Sorry!" then looking down she whispered, "sorry."

Suddenly she locked eyes, staring at Buffy with such intensity as to make the elder Slayer fidget. Slowly, wondrously Blossom related to Buffy, “My name is Amy Farrah Fowler. I am an only child.”

Focusing on Buffy she whimpered, “Why?”

Raising an eyebrow in consternation was Buffy's only response.

Staring off to the side, continuing to speak in a slow undertone Amy went on, “They abducted me a month ago from my apartment. I had just had the most wondrous date with Sheldon. They held me without water or food for three days. Then, whoever they were, they cast a spell.”

She focused on Buffy stepping out of her memories and said, “That's the last thing I remember as Amy.” gesturing to her head she added, “Now, I have a lifetime of memories as this Blossom Russo person. I do not know if she was real or not.”

For the first time Buffy spoke up, “She's not. Real, that is. Blossom was a T.V. show back in the 90's. A sitcom.”



Buffy twisted to her left sitting up a little farther on the wall. The padding was not that great for sitting on as her right buttock could attest too. She stared blindly into a corner of the padded cell and asked, “How do you feel now?”

Giving it a moments consideration Amy hesitantly said, “Goood. Not great, but good.” A small smile touched her lips as she joked, “At least I'm not feeling homicidal rage. I'd just really would like to know what it was all about, ya know?”

Buffy had her suspicions, but now was not the time.


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Aug. 9th, 2013 03:01 pm (UTC)
Day Eight - Accepted!

I've added the appropriate fandom tags for this entry. Please remember to use them in the future!

Amy Farah Fowler as a Slayer? The world will tremble and will Sheldon be her Watcher?
Aug. 9th, 2013 11:12 pm (UTC)
Hmmm. No! Man can't even drive a car! Though it might help put to rest some of his phobias...
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