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Aug 11th, A Matter Of Gratitude

Title: A Matter Of Gratitude
Author: selonianth
Rating: FR15
Crossover: Dance in the Vampire Bund
Disclaimer: Don’t own Dance in the Vampire Bund or Buffy. Nozomu Tamaki and Joss Whedon respectively.
Summary: Mina sends a message to the ISC, she wants to talk to the Queen Slayer, informally.

Mina used to be patient, she had to be to have survived the three clans for so long. Then Akira, her precious wolf, had come along and at first the damage had been minimal. He had claimed her heart but had been oh so young that she had only found herself wishing he were older during her more lonely moments.
Then he'd become old enough to go on missions and her patience had cracked further. He spent almost all his free time with her and all she wanted was more. Her mind wandering in many of the numerous meetings to her wolf and his wellbeing until that devastating day when his mind forgot everything, even her, to protect itself. Only fear of her wrath had kept Alphonse from killing Akira then giving him an honorable funeral.
Her patience might have remained intact even after that, it was certainly strengthened by the time without him. Then he'd gone and done the cliched last minute save, she still wondered where her so called security had been, and not only had she utterly fallen for her wolf but her patience had been destroyed.
That was why, as she waited for the Queen Slayer, she found herself growing more and more impatient. She frustrated herself staring at a nearby clock waiting for the time to tick down so she could at least express her frustration toward her guest for being late, but to Mina's growing displeasure the blonde Californian, she'd done her research since their last meeting, was not yet late.
As if taunting Mina's new lack of patience Buffy appeared at that moment, smoothly stalking across the space between the door to the twenty-four hour cafe they'd decided on and the table Mina and Akira waited at.
"This is a nice place, much nicer than the kind of place most vampires, the other kind, would be found in," Buffy remarked as she got close enough that a normal person, if either of those at the table were such, could hear.
"I had it purchased the week before I announced the bund. I had just decided to... jar Akira's memory loose and wanted a place to spend time in with him when not needed on the bund," Mina answered as her instincts, normally buried deep in her mind, reminded her that she was talking to a supernaturally designed hunter.
Buffy smiled as she sat down, "I know, a friend did some digging, found out this place has extremely polarized windows. While normal for a vampire I have to wonder why this meeting is at night? Not that I mind much, to be fair the slayer is a... well lets just say she's not one to care that most people sleep at night."
"Akira is my lover and a werewolf, the sun gel smells bad to him so I avoid wearing it whenever possible," Mina explained with a shrug.
Buffy smiled at the care the vampire queen showed her wolf lover. "Cute. So, you called me here, did you have something in mind?"
"I felt I should show my gratitude to you in some way and as you suggested meeting in an informal manner I decided to treat you to a good meal." Mina smiled as the waitress arrived, nervous. "Oh do calm down Ikura. She's not here as the slayer." She informed the nervous vampire, one of the few allowed off the island bund and only because this was an attempt to help improve the vampire image in the eyes of the public."
"Yes Your Highness," the waitress replied, though she didn't appear to actually calm down. She took the group's orders and fled as fast as she could.

Buffy sighed but smiled at Mina and the trio talked until an hour before the break of dawn. When Mina announced that she needed to leave Buffy stood, "This was wonderful, I wish the both of you much happiness together and congratulations again on your escape from tradition."


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Aug. 11th, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
Day Eleven - Accepted!

Sun glee? Hopefully it doesn't get sold to BtVS style vampires.
Aug. 12th, 2013 01:02 am (UTC)
I'm sure it wouldn't matter, sun gel wears off after 15 minutes, far more effective to just wear a hood.
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