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Delaying The Inevitable

Title: Delaying The Inevitable
Author: Grundy (jerseyfabulous)
Rating: FR13
Crossover: Big Bang Theory
Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss. Big Bang Theory (the show, not the actual theory) belongs to Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady No money is being made here, it's all in good fun.
Summary: Penny got off light- for now.
Word Count: 588
Author's Note: Not sure about this one, but lacking time, so here it is.

Dawn had gone back to the boys’ apartment to finish the BSG marathon with Sheldon, much to Penny’s relief. (She had a feeling Dawn leaving was mostly to prevent Sheldon from bringing his complaints in person. He’d texted three times at precise ten minute intervals to let them know how unacceptable he found the unexpected intermission.) She knew better, though, than to think that Dawn would drop the subject, much less forget to revisit it.

It had been a strange conversation, although not as awkward as Penny would have thought, once she’d gotten over the urge to throttle Sheldon for letting that slip- especially since he’d given it up freely, when Dawn hadn’t been badgering him or anything. Penny was well aware that Dawn was good at extracting information from all of the boys, but it had been made clear that Sheldon had volunteered both incidents of guys from 4A seeing her naked.

In fact, if anything, the thrust of the conversation had been less ‘what the hell, you let Sheldon and Raj see you naked?’ than ‘ok, I get that alcohol and Penny do not add up to good decision making skills, and thank all the deities it wasn’t Howard, but seriously, Raj?’
Not that Dawn had anything against Raj- she’d been actively trying to set him up with some of the girls she worked with and doing her part to combat his selective mutism since she started sub-letting from Leonard. She’d pointed out that as guys went, Raj was not bad looking, and was generally polite (although with the selective mutism, it was sometimes hard to tell if he was really being a gentleman, or just unable to share his less than gentlemanly thoughts.)

But Dawn’s major issue had centered around ‘given the guys in this odd grouping that have seen you naked, why are you hung up on Leonard the whiny homunculus?’
It was a question Penny had no good answer to. Especially since the follow-on was ‘you’re friends with Amy. This is weird, because Sheldon didn’t seem to mind seeing you naked, and Amy really wants to get Sheldon naked.’

Actually, the more Penny thought about the conversation that would no doubt be resumed at some point post-marathon, the more worried she got. This wasn’t Bernadette, who aside from giving her tea and sympathy never did anything worse than threaten to inflict unpleasantry from the bio lab on people with the clear understanding that she would never actually do it because she was a nice person.

This was Dawn, who Sheldon already wanted to keep as a roommate even when Leonard came back from Switzerland because for the most part she just rolled with his crazy and was rarely ever bothered by it. Dawn, who had a dim opinion of Leonard, because she’d heard too many stories from the others and thought that he sounded like self-centered pain in the butt. Dawn, who kept Sheldon on a leash that was not too tight and not too loose, and had pranked both Leonard and Kripke several times for their treatment of him. In her own way, Dr. Summers was as brilliant as the boys, and substantially scarier, because she actually knew when to haul her geek flag down and play the grownup. And when she took a notion into her head, she got it done.

Which was why Penny was worrying, because she was fairly sure what Dawn’s takeaway from their conversation had been- that Penny and Leonard didn’t work, but Penny and Sheldon just might.


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Aug. 16th, 2013 12:58 am (UTC)
Day Fifteen - Accepted!

I think the only person that really works with Sheldon is Sheldon, but good luck if Penny tries.
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