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Buildng - BtVS/Avengers (Movie) - FRC

Title: Building
Author: Beriaearwen
Crossover: Buffy The Vampire Slayer / The Avengers (movie)
Characters: Buffy Summers
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Word count: 1324
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Mutant enemy, etc. The characters of the Avengers belong to Marvel, etc. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: flirting, alternate future/non-canon AU for both universes
Notes: No clue where this came from, but here you go.

Summary: Buffy's job had led her to some interesting places. Now it's led her to New York.

By Beriaearwen

Buffy stepped into the building and quickly scanned it.

As she had since she was called, she took note of the building from a tactical standpoint. As she had since earning her degree in architecture, she took note of the structure itself.

After Sunnydale fell, she'd taken Dawn first to Rome and then the two of them had spent several months touring.

When school was about to start again, they sisters settled down in one location. Buffy hadn't originally planned to go back to school – after all, they were still trying to organize the new council – but after Dawn's first semester and the drop-off in her own patrolling, she'd needed something else, something unrelated to slaying.

She'd initially taken her first architecture class to learn more about the buildings she'd seen during her European tour.

Little did she suspect that it would open a whole new world for her – one that blended together both parts of her and allowed her to, finally, find her own way in the world.

It hadn't taken as long as she initially thought since her credits from Sunnydale transferred, taking care of most of her basic requirement.

What had surprised her was the job interview when she was looking for an internship.

The small firm was actually a clan of half-demons. They mostly did “specialized” houses for others of their kind. At first they had been terrified, but after Buffy assured them that she had no problem with them or their business but could really use the job experience, they had welcomed her.

It turned out to be the perfect environment for Buffy – the structure she loved and the creativity she missed, wrapped up in the world her slayer understood.

After she graduated, she had worked with the clan to begin to expand their business into the human world. She still didn't have a ton of experience, but their business was growing rapidly, earning a reputation for high-quality, innovative, beautiful building.

Now, eight years after Sunnydale fell, she found herself here, in Stark Towers, waiting to meet to discuss a building. The details themselves were vague, but, with all the news, Buffy, her friends and her co-workers had made some guesses and come up with a few ideas of their own.

Shifting her portfolio slightly, she approached the front Desk.

She smiled at the man working at the desk. “Good morning. I'm Buffy Summers. I have an appointment ...”


Buffy blinked at the rudeness. Raising an eyebrow, she simply pulled out her ID and showed it to the man.

“Fourth elevator on the left. It will take you directly there. Someone will meet you,” he all but growled handing back the id and dismissing her.

Her eyebrows still high on her face, she replaced her id and offered a polite, “Thank you,” before heading off to the proper elevator.

As the doors opened she put the encounter out of her mind and tried to fight off the feeling along her spine that someone was watching as well as her unease at having to ride in an elevator that gave her no control. She'd rather run up the stairs, even in her suit and heels.

As the doors opened, a young woman, well, a woman a few years younger than her anyway, was leaning against the wall. She straightened as Buffy stepped off the elevator.

“Buffy Summer?” the younger woman asked.


“Darcy Lewis.”

Buffy smiled and shook the offered hand.

“I've been asked to bring you to the conference room,” she began, turning and walking down the hall. “I wouldn't normally, but I swear sometimes they're worse than squabbling toddlers.”

A soft laugh escaped Buffy. “I know how that can be.” Her mind drifted back to just the day before when she'd stopped by the local council house. In the past few years she'd begun to notice her tolerance for the drama that had followed her during her early slaying career, and seemed to follow all slayers, held little appeal.

“In here,” Darcy said a moment later, opening a door and ushering her in.

Taking in the room and its occupants, Buffy couldn't help but pause. She'd thought that for this first meeting she'd be meeting someone middle-management or a direct assistant at most, but in the room were not only Tony Stark and Pepper Pots – owner and CEO of Stark Industries respectively – but, if she wasn't mistaken, the entirety of the Avengers. Her pause, however, went unnoticed by the arguing group. A smile crept across her face as she glanced at Darcy. The other woman caught the glance and rolled her eyes, a smile lifting the corners of her mouth.

A moment later, Buffy reached up a hand to plug one ear just a moment before Darcy let out a shrill whistle. At that sound, the arguing ceased immediately and Buffy let her hand drop.

With their attention claimed, Darcy performed the introductions indicated for Buffy to sit and then slipped out of the room.

“Miss Summers,” Tony Stark began. “Thank you for coming. We've done a lot of research on architecture firms and yours has quite the reputation in certain circles.”

Buffy only smiled in acknowledgment, having a feeling that he wasn't done.

“While your firm does come highly recommended, I have my own team of architects I use,” he said, retaking his seat. “Convince me to use yours.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stark,” Buffy said, opening the portfolio she'd settled on the table and letting her own charisma flow. “I don't believe that will be a problem.”

Thirty minutes later, Buffy felt confident she'd done just that. After her initial presentation, they'd gotten down to business. While being based out of New York worked for them now, they felt the need to have a home for the Avengers on the West coast as well. It took a few minutes to coax out the area they were looking for, but once she had that, she was able to direct her comments and examples more to their need.

They were not discussing some of the more specialized areas they would need. Little did anyone in the room know that between building for demons and slayers, specialized rooms were no problem.

She'd also noticed during the meeting that a particular set of eyes seemed to rest on her more than the drawings she'd presented. And, those eyes weren't looking at her as a threat, but as a woman. It was a look she could appreciate and didn't discourage. She highly doubted that anyone one the Avengers would make a good long-term relationship, but she did enjoy dating and had a few extra days here in New York.

An hour later, she gathered her drawings and notes together, wrapping up the meeting and arranging the next one where she would present the initial plans. Sure enough, she'd convinced them to use her firm instead of Mr. Stark's usual one.

As she stood to leave, she found herself looking up into a pair of beautiful eyes.

“That was quite the presentation.”

“Thank you,” Buffy replied, offering a soft smile and a coy look.

“Are you in town for long?”

“Until this is finished, then I'll most likely be overseeing the building.”

“How wonderful. I'll be overseeing the building as well,” he offered with a grin, moving to stand beside her and resting a hand at the small of her back. “Do you have dinner plans for tonight?”

She did, but she would be canceling them. The head of the local slayer house would just have to understand. It had been far too long since she'd had a date. Leaning in to his touch, she smiled up at him. “If you're asking me to dinner, then I suppose I do now.” She shivered in delight at the sound of his laugh.



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Aug. 17th, 2013 10:01 pm (UTC)
Day Sixteen - Accepted!

Nice use of Darcy.
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