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Questions after Class

Title: Questions after Class
Author: Indra Leigh
Rating: FR13
Crossover: BtVS and Avengers
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Avengers
Summary: Buffy gets questioned by a professor after class.
Warnings: nope
Timeline/Setting: post avengers movie and after chosen, follows Bruce’s Presentation.
Author's notes(if any): none today

Buffy sighed as all the students in the room hurried out leaving her to slowly put away her notes and watching her professor slowly approach.

“Why are you here Miss Summers?” Professor Ells asked.

“In your class specifically or bigger picture of attending classes here?” Buffy asked.

“Attending classes, going to college. Surely you’re not here for a MRS degree.”

Buffy could tell the professor didn’t even try to withhold her sarcasm implying that Buffy had only decided to attend classes to find a guy studying a profitable profession to marry.

“Is it my figure? My age? What about my blond hair? What about the fact that in class I pay attention to what you’re teaching and not looking over the prospects in the room? Did you think that maybe I’m attending classes because I want to learn? That when I was in college before I had to drop out and get a minimum wage job to support my self and my sister because our mom had just died and we hadn’t heard from our dad in almost 4 years. My sister has her doctorate and a job, we both also have boyfriends that we got away from a college campus. I am in your class to learn what you are employed to teach. I did not come to college and your class specifically to find a husband or to listen to you question my reasons. I came for my self and after I graduate if no one finds out that I finally got my degree except for me, that’s fine with me.” Buffy said with her book and notes gathered up as she stood in front of her professor.

At the sound of clapping Buffy and the professor both turned around to face the door and saw two men. One was clapping and the other had a grin on his face so wide that looked like it probably hurt.

“Oh! Tony Stark! How can I help you? I’m sorry not getting back to my office as quickly as I should have.” Professor Ells said hurrying to the door.

“Actually we’re not here for you. That was quite a speech. I think Pepper would enjoy seeing it.” Tony said holding up his cell phone.

“Hi Tony. Hey Bruce.” Buffy said blushing a bit at the thought of her boyfriend seeing her get questioned like that and her frustrated rant. “Why are you guys here?”

“I had a question for you and Bruce and I decided to go looking for you.” Tony said ignoring the professor’s dumbfounded look as she watched rich and handsome Tony Stark talk to her student who struggled in class.

“He asked where you were and he decided to have Jarvis help him figure out where you were, and Dawn helped too. I needed a break from science so I thought I would come along. We left Dawn talking to some anthropology guy.” Bruce said as he moved to reach his arm around Buffy’s shoulders.

“Maybe we should call in Steve to get Dawn and we should go celebrate how kick ass the Summers girls are.” Tony suggested.

“The stories I’ve heard about you celebrating? And with mine and Dawn’s party history? I don’t have that much bail money.” Buffy said

“My girl is kick ass Tony.” Buffy blushed and turned her head into Bruce’s chest as he bragged about her.

“You’re friends with Tony Stark and have a boyfriend. Why are you taking this class that you are having so much trouble with?” Professor Ells’ question stopped the trio at the door.

Buffy turned to face the professor. “Like I said I’m here for me. I worked and finished raising Dawn, worked at the Doublemeat Palace, and now I’m working a better job, and I’m going to college because I want to and I can even if it means between being one of the Phoenix Council Board of Directors, mentor to 37 students, girlfriend, friend, sister, and attending classes I don’t have much time to study material I struggle with, I’m here for me.”


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Aug. 17th, 2013 10:04 pm (UTC)
Day Sixteen - Accepted!

I'm not entirely sure why the teacher was such a caricature, but it's nice to see Buffy using her speechifying for a good cause. :)
Aug. 18th, 2013 03:16 am (UTC)
Going to an engineering university with a lot more guys than gals i the MRS degree was not uncommonly spoken of and I boiled down and concentrated it here and i wanted to emphasize my frustration at hearing about it.
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