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Aug 19th, Getting The News

Title: Getting The News
Author: selonianth
Rating: FR15
Crossover: Stargate SG1
Disclaimer: Don’t own Stargate SG1 or BtVS. Owned by Brad Wright/Johnathan Glassner and Joss Whedon respectively.
Summary: After the Master is dead Buffy gets some... interesting news.

Buffy walked into the library with Willow and Xander, Giles had asked her to stop by between classes, and found her watcher sitting in his favorite chair with an even more somber expression upon his face than she’d seen on that dark day she thought she was going to die. “What’s wrong Giles?”
“Buffy, I have some news...” he paused, “I’m sorry, but you’re not the Slayer anymore.”
Buffy’s face contorted in confusion, she could still feel the same sense of power lurking just under her skin, “Are you sure? I still feel the same.”
Giles nodded silently, “Quite sure I’m afraid. I contacted a council coven in Burbank and they confirmed there is no Slayer here in Sunnydale. I’m unsure why you’ve kept your physical abilities but the slayer essence has indeed left you.”
Buffy’s chest felt constricted, Giles’ voice echoing in her ears, and she sat down in a nearby chair quickly in shock. Xander, Willow, and Giles rushed closer to her in worry.
“Giles...” She began after a moment of deep breaths, “What happens now?”
Giles hesitated, grabbing his glasses for a moment to look at them. “There was another Slayer called, I mentioned that... The council has decided that she will be sent here to take your place. Travers, the head of the council, also send this,” Giles began somberly. He handed buffy an envelope. “I haven’t looked at it, but Travers isn’t the type of man to send a bonus check upon retirement.”
“What could be worse bad news than being replaced at the only thing I’ve ever done that made me feel like I was doing the right thing? I haven’t exactly wanted to do it all the time but it is fulfilling to save lives. I’m guessing she’s under orders to refuse help from me... or you guys,” Buffy asked, taking the envelope but not opening it yet.
Giles nodded, “I would go so far as to say she’s under orders to act hostilely to any such attempts to help her. Her watcher is known to be of the opinion that Slayers are weapons and has trained her as such.”
Buffy sighed, “I’m... going home. I need to think.” She stood and walked straight for the doors, Giles grabbing Willow and Xander by the shoulders to prevent them from leaving.
Gently, the bespectacled watcher spoke to the pair, “Let her go. I know you want to help but I don’t think going after her will do any good. Remember, you two chose this life after you found out about it. She was chosen for it. She had no option to simply not hunt. Now she’s told that not only does she not have to hunt anymore, but if she tries to she might get attacked by the new Slayer when she arrives.”
“What about class?” Willow asked quietly, worried about her friend in many ways.
“I’ll tell the faculty that she received very distressing news and had to leave school immediately,” Giles replied, he wouldn’t even be lying. The fact that they’d all assume her grandfather died or something was in no way his fault.
Buffy sat down hard on her bed, her mind still racing about the news. She still wasn’t even sure if she wanted to be happy or angry at the change.
Deciding that decision would have to wait for an answer for a moment she regarded the envelope Giles had given her. Opening it she found a letter. Reading the letter it nearly fell from her hands.
Miss Summers,
It is a longstanding part of the Watcher’s Council Charter that if a slayer should be, in some way, made to be the slayer no longer, we would provide her with what knowledge we retained of her origins. It was thought best to prevent her from both being thought crazy if she attempted to share it, and those who might attempt to dissuade her from her duty.
Our records show that you currently live with a woman named Joyce Summers. I regret to inform you that this is not your biological mother. It took much research but we were able to discover that she is, in fact, a former member of the watcher’s organization. I must emphasize the word former as, shortly after you were taken from your parents she took you from us and fled.
She may be unaware of this however. We were attempting to track her via a council-friendly coven when they lost the trace. The only known reason for this is a complete mental rewrite. In other words, she does not remember who she is.
Your real mother is one Samantha Carter, a Captain in the United States Air Force currently assigned to deep space radar telemetry. She was seventeen when she had you and was a single mother for the first two years of your life before we found you.
Quentin Travers

The letter was accompanied by a couple other pieces of paper. One had her real name on it, Elizabeth Carter, and birth information. One was surprisingly enough a letter of recommendation from the Queen of England stating Buffy’s extraordinary work ethic and firm moral values. There was a note attached to the recommendation letter saying that it was not a form letter and had been created at the queen’s behest by her personal secretary based upon the reports the crown was given by the Watcher’s Council, based in London. Then, as Buffy stared in shock at the three pieces of paper a smaller slip of paper fell, fluttering, down toward the floor.
The slayer reached down and picked up the slip of paper and nearly dropped it in shock. It was a check, signed to her real name, to the tune of one point eight million dollars.
With shuddering hands she set the check aside and reached for the phone. Dialing the library she waited for Giles’ calming voice to cross the line.
“Sunnydale Highschool Library, how can I help you?” Giles’ voice answered, his dignified british accent, normally a source of amusement, now a source of calm to the inwardly chaotic Slayer.
“Giles... I need you. That envelope... it’s too much. I don’t want to talk about it over the phone,” Buffy told the watcher, her voice shaking with barely controlled emotional chaos.
“I’ll be right there,” was all the watcher said before the call disconnected. Buffy gathered the papers and moved down to the living room, not worried that her mo-Joyce-mom, she didn’t know what to call the woman who’d raised her... how fucked up was that, would get home. She had a busy day that day at the art gallery and probably wouldn’t be getting home till it was almost dark. Buffy was glad about that, she still wasn’t sure if the letter was accurate or if it was a pile of lies and wasn’t sure how to handle it in either event.
It didn’t take too much longer for the blond to hear three sets of footsteps coming up the path and a knock shortly thereafter. Opening the door she found Giles as well as Willow and Xander. Wordlessly she waved her hand and showed them back to the living room to show Giles the papers.
He hadn’t been reading more than two minutes when he set down the papers and reached for his glasses, “Oh dear lord...”
“What is it Giles? What does that paper say?” Willow, Buffy’s redheaded friend, asked concerned, prevented from reaching for the paper only by distance.
“It says that Joyce isn’t Buffy’s biological mom. She’s a former watcher who rescued Buffy from the Watcher’s council and had her own memory meddled with to prevent tracking. And- Oh Dear Lord! This is a letter of recommendation from the Queen herself! This alone is enough to get Buffy a job or full ride scholarship very nearly wherever she might want to go!” Giles exclaimed his shock at the letters not even coming close to eclipsing Buffy’s own.
Then Buffy held the check toward him without a word, still trying to think.
This time, the words ‘Oh Dear Lord’ didn’t even escape the Watcher’s lips. His glasses fell from his fingers and skittered across the tabletop in front of him.
The shock plastered across Giles’ face provoked Xander and Willow to both move where they could read the check Buffy had handed the British librarian and both of them suffered the same fate as Giles had.
“That’s... a lot of money,” Xander pointed out dully, his brain attempting to figure out what he would do with one point eight million dollars of sudden windfall.
“Almost two years of back-pay with hazard pay, housing bonuses, a major apocalypse-aversion bonus, multiple minor apocalypse-aversion bonuses, not to mention Buffy's kill-count. Yes, I imagine Quentin never expected to have to actually cut one of these. I’ve seen the piece of our charter that dictates a Slayer’s payment myself. ‘The Slayer is not to be paid during her service, for it is a noble duty and that is it’s own reward. However, should a Slayer be somehow removed of her powers the following, scaled to account for current monetary values, will be paid.’ Then a list of the various things a Slayer is to be paid for, should she somehow become a non-Slayer once more,” Giles replied, his brain finally rebooting enough to be helpful.
“This is real then? Not some kind of sick joke?” Buffy asked her voice quivering as any ability to deny what was in front of her was slowly falling out from under her and being replaced by her growing sense of panic.
Giles looked at the pained visage of the young woman he’d thought of as a daughter and nodded solemnly, “I’m afraid so.”
Buffy slumped pathetically in her chair, “My mom is not only not my mom, but a watcher... is there a way to reverse the mental changes so I can talk with the person who started all this?”
Giles took a moment to look into Buffy’s eyes, still chaotic and seeking answers about her life and he couldn’t even try to refuse her. “There is... it’s a complex spell to undo mental changes of this caliber however. The most difficult part of it however, comes down to telling Joyce, and having her willing to go through this. If she doesn’t allow it, the spell can’t force her the matter.”
Buffy looked down at her hands, willing them to stop shaking. “The last time... The last time I tried to tell my mo- Joyce about this... she had me thrown in a mental hospital till I recanted.”
The room, already quiet, went more silent than any of the six graveyards in Sunnydale. Buffy had never told any of them about her brief incarceration in an insane asylum. Not even Giles had known, it having been left out of the watcher notes because they hadn’t managed to assign a new Watcher before she was then released.
“This time will be different, we’ll be here. She can’t think we’re all crazy. If we need to we can take her to a graveyard come nightfall,” Willow chipped in, wanting her friend. Her normally strong, untouchable almost, friend in such a lost state was breaking the redhead’s heart.
Buffy smiled slightly and nodded. Focusing on the task at hand, which was for the moment, to figure out what to do next. “If we can do the spell... If she remembers she’s not really my mother... what do I do then? I don’t think I can stay here... I understand that you guys grew up here but...”

“But you didn’t, and now you know you’ll be unwanted as a Slayer and now you know that your mother, your real mother, is halfway across the country. It’s quite alright to want to leave Sunnydale Buffy, really.” Giles gently spoke with a reassuring smile.
Buffy nodded with a grateful smile,  her emotions slowly calming to be replaced by determination to get some answers from Joyce, and then... maybe just maybe, to live a more peaceful life away from Sunnydale.
“I’ll call her then. I’ll tell her you received some distressing news and had to leave school. When she gets here we’ll convince her. Willow, I need you to find,” Giles paused to write a short list of ritual items to pass to the redheaded genius, “these in my supply room at the library. Xander go with her, I don’t think it will get dark before you get back but just in case, it would be best to not go alone.”
Buffy looked at the clock and agreed with the statement. It was still five hours till the sun would begin going down, and another hour after that before most vampires would start hunting. Plenty of time to head to the library and find the items then make it back unless they had trouble finding the items.
A/N: I’m unsure if Buffy had ever told the scoobies of her small stint in the asylum so I’m operating under the assumption that it would be a sore enough topic to not ever come up except under extraordinary circumstances that provoke sharing of such painful information.


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Aug. 19th, 2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
Now this is an interesting premise! And a great beginning. I hope you continue this, as I'm curious as all get out to see what comes next. Thank you for sharing!
Aug. 19th, 2013 11:02 pm (UTC)
Day Nineteen - Accepted!

And the new Slayer allows the Hellmouth to imploded in three, two, one...

Though in all seriousness this is an interesting premise. I'm curious to see where you go with it.
Aug. 20th, 2013 06:15 am (UTC)
Kendra's not that bad... most of the time.

You'll see...
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